08 July

Point-of-Sale Terminals for Purchase and Encashment Services

Point-of-sale terminals help in carrying out cashless transactions at merchant outlets by swiping credit/ debit cards on the POS machine. One can use Agar Visa Card & International Cards (VISA and MasterCard) in our PoS network to effect payment with free of charge. A purchase using our Agar Card is subject to a daily limit of Br. 10, 000.

The bank will provide terminals free of charge along with the necessary stationary items and a continuous training to the merchants’ staff. The requirements to get the merchant services are maintaining an account in one of Wegagen branches, power supply for the terminals, and agree and sign the merchant agreement.

Wegagen has been providing Cash Advance Service (Encashment Service) using Agar Visa Card & International Cards (VISA and MasterCard) in PoS network deployed in branches and forex bureau. This service permitted cash withdrawals at point-of-sale terminals through debit cards as a step towards enhancing the customer convenience in using the plastic money.”

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