16 February

Our Bank Breaks Time Bound Banking Culture

In the 21st century, money is no longer bound in the vault room as in the cases of gold or printed notes. Rather digital money is changing accounts across the world at the speed of light. Modern banking has now passed the boundaries of human touch and even crossed physical national boundaries.

In order to fit suit with such rapidly developing electronic business in the international market, our Bank has now introduced a full-fledged Payment Card Services, investing millions of Birr.

This system will break the traditional time bound banking culture. It enables clients to have the freedom to bank at any time of the day or night, i.e., round the clock banking has become a reality. Swiping a plastic card would make life simple as one could do withdrawals, transfers, purchase payments and a host of other activities with his/her new service.
Thus, this cutting edge technology avails more choices than ever. A prompt click of a button makes an access to uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week banking services.

Technology Associates (TA), a Kenyan based company, is a vendor of the whole system. The System comprises of Card Management System, ATMs, POS terminals and a number of other hardware and software. The technology is one of the latest available ones in the card industry. At this stage, ATMs and POS network shall be points of transactions. The Bank’s cards are of two types. The first one is Private Label or Proprietary Card and the second is Visa Electron Card. Both cards are debit and one has to have an account with the Bank to become eligible to get the Agar Visa Card and use the services.

In order to build the capacity of the staff and acquaint them with the technology, the Bank has offered trainings abroad and in-house. Since branches will be the crucial marketing channels, training of eligible staff is being conducted. Each Staff is an Ambassador of our Bank. He/she represents the values and principles the Bank stands for, and is thus, expected to play paramount roles in using this modern technology and market it to family members, friends, clients, prospects, etc.

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