Internet Banking Services

Click Wegagen” Internet Banking Service

This service enables customers to access and manage their accounts anytime, anywhere through an internet connection using the Bank’s website.
Based on the nature of the customers, the service is of two types: Retail and Corporate Internet Banking.

Retail Internet Banking

This is a type of internet banking service offered to individuals and businesses whose account is run only by a single signatory. This service enables customers to:

  • Transfer funds to own accounts and to other customers’ accounts within the Bank,
  • Transfer funds to non-account holders,
  • Request cheque book, view cheque status and stop cheque payments,
  • View loan contract details and account balance, and
  • View mini and full statement of accounts and foreign exchange rate.

Corporate Internet Banking

This is a service intended for companies or institutions whose accounts are run by more than one signatory. In addition to the services listed under retail internet banking above, corporate internet banking allows companies or institutions to make bulk payments such as salaries and benefits to their employees.

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    November 02, 2017
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