Wegagen Launches HelloCash Mobile and Agent Banking Services

Wegagen Bank has launched HelloCash Mobile and Agent Banking service at selected Wegagen Branches and agents in Addis Ababa and Regional towns. The agents are individuals who run their own legal business and recruited by the Bank as per NBE directive No FIS/01/2012.

What is HelloCash Wegagen Mobile and Agent Banking?

HelloCash Mobile and Agent Banking services provided by Wegagen is one of the modern basic banking services.
The Bank aims to address the problem of low financial inclusion and facilitate local money transfer, payment, cash deposit and cash withdrawal; and provide access to financial services through an extensive branch and agent network at anytime anywhere to anyone who resides in Ethiopia by using his /her mobile phone when no need to go to bank branches.
The strategic purpose of Wegagen’s HelloCash Mobile and Agent Banking service is to reach out banking service to its existing and potential customers who reside in areas where the Bank’s branch does not exist.

How to get started with Wegagen HelloCash?
To get HelloCash Wegagen mobile and agent banking service, you need to register at any nearby Wegagen Bank Branch or Wegagen Agent. Here is what you should do to register:

  1. Present your ID and any mobile apparatus to the Wegagen Bank HelloCash agent or the Bank’s Branch;
  2. Activate the wallet account and choose your language and secret PIN;
  3. Deposit a minimum of Birr 25 into your HelloCash mobile account at the Branch or Agent;
  4. Access the HelloCash menu by calling *819# on your mobile phone; and
  5. Choose the transaction you want to make and enter your PIN to confirm

Advantages of using HelloCash Wegagen for Customers
Send Money
You can send money anytime being anywhere to anyone who resides in Ethiopia and has access to mobile telephone service. If the recipient does not have Wegagen HelloCash account, he/she can just visit any nearby Wegagen agent or Wegagen Branch to collect the cash.

Save Money/Cash-in Transaction
You can save money to your account anytime being anywhere at Wegagen Bank Branch and Wegagen agent premises and there is no fee for saving money at branch.

The Cash-out Transaction (Cash withdrawal)
Cash payment can be effected at Branch and agent location upon fulfilling the withdrawal slip by the customer and ordering payment electronically using their mobile phone.
Unlimited Service Hour and Nearness
The working hour of Wegagen agent is not limited like bank branches; it serves longer hours to deposit and withdraw money for customers of HelloCash. Besides, as there are a number of Wegagen agents in your locality, you can easily get the service at your nearby location.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get HelloCash Wegagen?
HelloCash is provided at any Wegagen agent and Bank Branch. Please visit our agents and Bank branches or call at *8919# where our help desk officers would direct you to your nearest agents.

2. What do I need to use HelloCash?
In order to register and start using HelloCash you need a valid ID and a mobile phone.

3. Do I need to have a bank account to use HelloCash?
No, you need not to have a bank account. A separate HelloCash account would be created for you when you register at our HelloCash agent or Bank Branch.

4. Why do I need a PIN?
The PIN is used to protect the security of your account. Keep your PIN secret and never share it to anyone.

5. What should I do if I lose my phone or SIM?
Do not worry; your account is protected by the PIN. But in case of such circumstances, please call at 8919 and press “0” immediately and ask our customer support for help.

6. To whom can I send money?
You can send money to anyone who resides in Ethiopia and have access to mobile telephone service. The receiver can collect the money at any Wegagen HelloCash agent or Branch.

I. Customer Transaction Charges (in ETB)

Transaction Ranges

Account opening


Deposit Buy goods and Services Receive Money

Send Money



(Cash Out)

     1-   200





3 4
     201- 500 6.50 10
     501- 2,000 10 12
     2,001-4,000 15 15
     4,001-6,000 15 20
     6,001-25,000 Limit Applied Limit Applied NA


II. Agent’s Commission (in ETB)

Transaction Range

Transaction Services

(Deposit, Payment and Withdrawal)

Account opening (Registration)
25 500 3


Up on Delivery of KYC documents

501 2,000 4
2,001 3,000 4.50
3,001 4,000 5.50
4,001 5,000 6.50
5,001 6,000 7.50
6,001 25,000 NA for withdrawal but 0.1% is applicable for the deposit and payment  

Service Providing Agents and Branches

I. Service Providing Branches by Region

S/N Branch Name  Region
1 Abinet Area Addis Ababa
2 Addisu Gebeya
3 Africa Avenue
4 Arada
5 Atlas Area
6 Beklobet
7 Bisrate Gebriel
8 Bole
9 Bole Medhanialem
10 Bole Michael
11 Cathedral
12 Gerji
13 Goffa
14 Goffa Mebrat Hail
15 Habte Giorgis
16 Jemo
17 Kality
18 Kazanchis Area
19 Kidist Mariam
20 Lideta
21 Megenagna
22 Merkato
23 Mesalemia
24 Meskel
25 Meskel Flower
26 Nifas Silk
27 Harar Harari
28 Arbaminch SNNP
29 Dilla SNNP
30 Hawassa SNNP
31 Jijiga Somali
32 Dire Dawa Dire Dawa
33 Kezira Dire Dawa
34 Bahir Dar Amhara
35 Debre Birhan Amhara
36 Dessie Amhara
37 Gondar Amhara
38 Tana Bahir Dar Amhara
39 Weldiya Amhara
40 Adama Oromia
41 Bishoftu Oromia
42 Jimma Abajiffar Oromia


Sebeta Oromia
44 Shashemene Oromia
45 Adigrat Tigray
46 Castle Tigray
47 Enkodo Mekelle Tigray
48 Edaga Mekelle Tigray
49 Mekelle Tigray
50 Wukro Tigray

II. Service Providing Agents by Region

Follow the link provided to download the excel file of all the Agents providing the Wegagen HelloCash Service. Download Agent Service Location

 Exchange Rate

    November 02, 2017
  Buying Selling
us  USD 27.0369
gb  GBP 35.9483 36.6673
eu EUR 31.4088 32.037

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